Father’s Day Sale

Treat your father to the one gift you know he won’t recycle – a subscription to Renew or Sanctuary magazine!

This Father’s Day we’re offering 10% off on all subscriptions if you take advantage of this offer before 5pm Sunday, 1 September.

That means you can get your Father a gift subscription to Renew for as low as $30.90 or a gift subscription to Sanctuary for as low as $36! And, as an added bonus your dad will also go in the draw to win a $15,000 Tesla Powerwall 2 + Tesla Backup Gateway 2 from TCK Solar!

Of course, you may want to take advantage of this offer for yourself – get yourself a Renew subscription or a Sanctuary subscription with this special offer too – and you’ll also go into the draw to win the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Renew magazine subscription as low as $30.90

Renew magazine subscription as low as $30.90

Renew: technology for a sustainable future is Australia’s premier magazine on practical sustainable living.

For almost 40 years, Renew has provided the latest information and advice on saving energy and water in the home. Packed with practical and DIY articles, each issues features Q&A with Renew’s experts, plus buyers guides providing the details you need before buying a solar power system, insulation, a rainwater tank, a heating and cooling system + more.

Sanctuary magazine subscription as low as $36

Sanctuary magazine subscription as low as $36

Sanctuary: Modern green homes is Australia’s premier magazine dedicated to sustainable house design.

Sanctuary is published four times a year by the not-for-profit organisation Renew.

Each quarter, Sanctuary:

  • Features lavish, full-colour spreads, including floor plans, on sustainable new homes and renovations
  • Profiles the work of Australia’s leading environmental architects and designers
  • Provides a wealth of ideas and practical advice on how to make your home more sustainable, no matter what your budget