When: Monday 5 November 2018, 6:15pm General meeting, Guest speaker at 7.30 pm
Where: Function Room (upstairs), The Duke of Welllington Hotel, 192 Macquarie Street, Hobart
Cost: Gold coin donation

Presentation: This presentation will first describe the function of thermal mass in houses and how thermal mass building materials can be included in the construction of dwellings. Also included will be computer simulation of thermal performance comparison of a low mass house (timber floor, timer walls), a medium mass house (slab floor, timber walls) and a high mass house (slab floor, interior block-brick walls). Finally it will present an empirical thermal analysis (measured temperatures) between a high mass to a low mass house during a winter period in Tasmania. This presentation will clearly demonstrate the significant thermal performance advantages of a high thermal mass construction in Tasmania with the accurate use of thermal mass materials and size of northern glazing aperture.

Speaker: Detlev Geard has been an architect practising in Hobart since 1986, specializing in solar architecture and the German passive house specification. He is also involved in the analysis of thermal performance of constructed houses, firstly providing thermal simulations and comparing thermal simulation with actual measured data, mostly temperatures and humidity. In 2011 he completed a PhD in Architecture comparing simulated data with measured data of 3 houses in Kingston, Tasmania for the period of 3 years. He is also involved in research projects on thermal performance of buildings for the University of Tasmania, School of Architecture in Launceston and lectures part time for the first and third year students.

We hope to see you at the meeting. All welcome.


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