When: Saturday 27th June 2020, 1:00-2:00 pm AEST (Sydney time). You’ll be able to ‘check in’ from 12:50pm.
Where: Online webinar using ‘Zoom’ (relocated due to COVID-19). If you haven’t used Zoom before use this link to test your setup. You will need to get a ticket using the link below.


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The Tour: This fascinating tiny earth house is being constructed in The Secret Garden for North West Disability Services in the grounds of Western Sydney University, Richmond. It is an example of DIY, low-cost housing and will become a community environmental education centre when completed. Ray will take you on a live virtual tour of the project and finish with Q&A. The tour will cover;

  • low energy construction methods
  • low cost, recycled and locally sourced materials
  • solar passive design
  • fire resistant materials and design
  • community building approach

Speaker: Ray Trappel is an architect with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in earth building. He is a member of the Earth Building Association of Australia (EBAA). Ray designed and constructed the house with volunteer assistance and will conduct the tour.

You can view the video of this presentation here.

Renew Sydney West Branch – Jenny Dibley, Convenor
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