Melbourne EV Branch – Annual meeting and planning session.

When: Wednesday 23 October 2019, 7.00pm. Note: there is no Melbourne EV branch meeting in September (ie. no meeting on Wed 25th Sept).

Where: Engineering Building Room EN615, Swinburne University, Hawthorn Campus, 397 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Click here for a campus map.

As many know, the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Branch has been in recess since the EV Expo in March this year. We are now looking to have a meeting to determine future plans for the branch. This will involve an annual meeting to re-form the organising committee and a time for discussion and planning. Included below are the goals for the branch that were developed by the committee.

All Renew branches arise from the interest and efforts of local Renew members. The EV landscape has changed significantly since the beginnings of the Melbourne EV branch and this will be a good change to reassess our relevance and directions.

The positions that will need filling are; Convenor and three to four general committee members.

We hope to see you at the meeting,

Rick Molloy, Convenor

Renew Melbourne Electric Vehicle Branch

Renew Electric Vehicle Group Melbourne Branch

Branch Goals
To provide Renew members with up to date and relevant information in regards to:

  • commercially produced electric vehicles including availability
  • associated EV infrastructure
  • advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles
  • society’s transition from ICE to electric drive
  • converting vehicles from ICE to electric drive
  • Government incentives for EVs
  • adoption of electric vehicles internationally
  • relevant EV events

Branch Activities
Monthly information session with an expert presenter – including a short “news” section by one member of the branch committee.
Most monthly sessions take place in a lecture theatre type environment. The presenter may bring a vehicle for inspection prior to the presentation or the session may take place elsewhere (eg. a car dealership).
The branch works cooperatively with the Victorian Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA). The two groups hold a joint Xmas BBQ and invite each other to activities as appropriate.
The branch actively assists the Renew staff to plan and organise larger events, historically the EvExpo.
The branch can assist other associated groups as necessary.

Branch Organisation
The Branch is run by a committee who must be full members of Renew and register as volunteers through a sign-up process with Renew Branch Coordinator. Committee members are expected to attend the monthly sessions where possible and help run and organise those sessions. It is normal practice to chat after each session. Additionally, there may be one or two planning meetings each year.