When: Thursday 11th April 2019, 6:30 for 7:00pm.
Where: ITAMS Building (233), UOW Innovation Campus (Squires Way, North Wollongong)
Cost: Free, but $5 donation appreciated to cover refreshments and expenses at 6.30pm prior to the talk at 7:00pm.
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‘Sustainable Living and Adaptation Strategies for Homeowners, Renters and Apartment Dwellers’

The traditional idea of home has been closely tied to ownership and detached dwellings in the suburbs, framed as ‘the Australian dream’. 2015 marked the first year where new builds of multi-dwelling units overtook detached properties. As renting and apartment living become the new norm, questions and challenges arise for owner-occupants, tenants and landlords looking to increase liveability and sustainability in the face of a changing climate.

Join us to find out more about these challenges and opportunities. Following our guest speakers, our committee member Carrie Wilkinson will summarise Renew’s own Renters Guide to Sustainable Living and invite audience participation in a wider discussion and Q&A session.


Cecille Weldon is Director of the Centre for Liveability Real Estate which has partnered with Renew, while her consultancy has collaborated with Envirotecture who presented our Passive House topic last year. She has worked with the CRC for Low Carbon Living and is a member of Working Groups on User Experience for Residential Energy Efficiency and on ISF Co-housing. Cecille created the Liveability Features Framework, award-winning real estate training aimed at better quality information, now owned by CSIRO. The ’17 features’ offer increased comfort and lower running costs and aim to drive a market in low carbon homes. To support renovation opportunities between buying and renting cycles, the consumer portal liveability.com.au includes seasonal home guides, the Renovators Guide and the Rent Smart Guide.

Bronwyn Bate is a PhD scholarship student in the Urban Research Program at Western Sydney University @ UrbanSSAP and Executive Officer for the Geographical Society of NSW. Her research project “It’s not a house, it’s a home: How home is understood and created among private renters in Sydney” looks at the impact of tenure on how Australian private renters understand and create home. Drawing on interviews with tenants, Bronwyn’s presentation will consider the impact of housing mobility on the sustainable living practices of renters, providing insights that can be extended to anyone in any home. As renters move from place to place they continually sort through their possessions, assess what they want to keep, dispose of items that are no longer useful and decide what needs to be purchased.

How to get to the Meeting
The ITAMS Building (233) is in south-western corner of Innovation Way, in the University’s Innovation/East Campus (not the main campus). The campus has two entrances:
The eastern entrance is from Squires Avenue, into Puckey Way, the western entrance is from Montague Street, into Puckey Way.
About half way along Puckey Way there is an intersection where you turn south into Innovation Way. The ITAMS building is on the right/western side towards the end.
Best parking is probably in area P7, just past the ITAMS Building. Parking is free after 6:30 pm.

Members and visitors are welcome.

We hope to see you there,

Greg Knight, Interim Convenor
Renew Illawarra Branch