When: Thursday 7th November 2019, 6:30 for refreshment and a chat, 7:00pm Presentation – Active Planning Session.
Where: Room G01, ITAMS Building (233), UOW Innovation Campus (Squires Way, North Wollongong)

You can download the report based on the meeting here.

The remaining carbon budget for Wollongong LGA is calculated as a proportion of the Australian carbon budget. It is scaled for various local factors, not including the contribution from industry.
If we continued at our current rate of emissions, this budget (our fair share) would run out in 18 years. This planning session will identify ways we can reduce our emissions to zero.

The Renew Illawarra Branch team has had extensive experience working with groups to collaboratively develop plans.

General steps for the process;

  • Define the issue
  • Brainstorm solutions/initiatives
  • Group solutions
  • Clearly define initiatives to a set format
  • Submit to Council
    (Items 4 and 5 will be finalised after the session.)

Greg Knight, Interim Convenor
Renew Illawarra Branch