When: Wednesday 27th February 2019, 7:30 pm

Where: Ian Ross building #31, Australian National University, Corner of North Road and Geology Close, Acton ACT 2601. Click here for a campus map (Building #31 at G4 on North Rd) and here for a Google map. 

Presentation: COAG Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings

The Canberra branch of Renew is holding its first meeting for 2019 with an informative presentation on the recently adopted plan that moves us a little way forward on the path to “zero energy” buildings in Australia. What changes will we see to the building code and how can we included improvements to existing structures?

The “Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings” is a national plan that proposes setting a path towards zero energy (and carbon) ready buildings. This would involve implementing increases to the energy efficiency provisions of the National Construction Code for residential and commercial buildings from 2022.
This plan was agreed by a recent meeting of the COAG Energy Ministers. In the lead up to the decision Renew was actively involved in urging Energy Ministers to commit to higher performance standards for all Australian homes.

Peter Lyons and Peter Overton from the local Renew committee will give a brief talk on the key points and benefits of this plan but also on the continuing efforts to identify how the performance of existing homes can be improved.

Following the presentation the floor will be opened to the membership (and friends) to discuss what subjects people would like to see covered in meetings in the coming year.


Peter Lyons is a building physicist based in Canberra who specialises in the modelling of all types of fenestration systems and of whole buildings, both residential and commercial.

Peter Overton is a Senior Architect at TT Architecture – a multi-award winning architectural practice based in Canberra. The practice focuses on sustainability and design excellence.

This is a public meeting; please invite anyone who might be interested.

We hope to see you at this really interesting evening.


Andrew, Secretary, Renew Canberra Branch

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