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Sydney Water and City of Sydney Council have innovative trials to re-purpose our food waste resource into energy and fertiliser. Sydney Water is producing bio-electricity and gas. City of Sydney are powering homes and producing fertiliser for gardens and farms. At the same time, they are lowering their emissions and saving valuable resources. These are innovative and successful projects making a substantial positive impact.


Ms Jodie Larsen, Project Coordinator, City of Sydney food scraps recycling trial

Jodie has more than 15 years’ experience working in the waste and environment sector in both the public and private sectors, including more than 7 years in waste management consulting with MRA Consulting Group. She joined the Resource Recovery team at the City of Sydney in 2018 and is currently managing the City’s residential food scraps recycling trial.

Mr Phil Woods, Strategy Manager Resource Recovery and Circular Economy

Phil has been with Sydney Water for 14 years and is a thought leader in the areas of circular economy, resource recovery, energy management and carbon reduction, which is creating business value and helping make our city more liveable. His main areas of interest are in energy resource recovery from organic waste, such as anaerobic digestion, and the co-digestion of food waste with sewage sludge. He recently led the establishment of a partnership project with Jemena, where in an Australian first, biomethane will be produced from biogas and injected into the gas network.

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