With Australia about to enter the 2021 summer, many of us are beginning to look to our bushfire and maintenance plans. The ACT Branch of Renew, in partnership with the Australian Fire Protection Association, is happy to present two very experienced bushfire planning and design/construction consultants for the last of the online seminars scheduled in October. In addition, Renew’s Sustainable Housing Advocate, Rob McLeod, will also participate in the panel discussion and cover Renew’s current project work with fire-affected communities and the outcomes of the Bushfire Royal Commission. This interactive seminar will focus on a wide range of current fire-protection planning, design and construction issues including:

– Town planning and site assessment for bushfire hazard reduction.

– The development and operation of the Bushfire Construction Code.

– The difference between fire-rated construction and BAL construction.

– Critical construction measures which can make the big differences to bushfire resistance.

– Is it practical to build in a Flame Zone?

– Bushfire shelters and fire-suppression systems.

– Fire protection and energy efficiency – constraints and opportunities

Speakers: Julie de Jong (H+H Architects), Maria Kornakova (Fire Protection Association Australia)

Maria Kornakova (PhD) – Bushfire Services Coordinator, Fire Protection Association Australia

Dr Maria Kornakova is a Bushfire Services Coordinator at the FPA Australia. Trained architect and Fulbright Scholar, Maria successfully completed PhD at the University of Melbourne and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Melbourne and Massey University, NZ. The key focus of her research and professional interest is bushfire risk reduction practices through building, planning and architecture. Maria transferred to the industry to practically apply skills and knowledge gained over the years of her academic career and joined FPA Australia in December 2018

Julie de Jong – Director, H+H Architects

Julie de Jong is a registered architect and a Director of H+H Architects, which is the largest regional architectural practice in Western Australia, and has offices in Albany, Kalgoorlie, and Bunbury. Julie is a BPAD Level 1 Bushfire Assessor, and her  involvement in the bushfire planning area was prompted by a strong interest in designing buildings and places that respond effectively to bushfire risks and the provisions of AS3959. H+H Architects are strongly committed to achieving sustainability outcomes on all their projects, and are actively involved in incorporating ESD principles.

Watch a recording of this webinar.