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Graham Hunt, director of Delisle Hunt Wood Architects and experienced NatHERS assessor will discuss the strategies you can apply to make sure your new home achieves a high NatHERS rating. NatHERS is the National Home Energy Rating Scheme rates designs on a 10 star scale and currently assesses the thermal performance of the external envelope to ensure that all dwellings achieve a reasonable level of thermal comfort. The average national requirements are currently set at 6 stars. Proposed changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) in 2022 are likely to raise this to 7 stars.

The higher the star rating, the less energy the house will use for heating and cooling. Graham will discuss how to achieve 7 stars and beyond and the principles behind sensible thermal and passive solar design. Numerous examples of 8 – 10 star houses will be shown. He will also discuss how to work with a NatHERS assessor to get the best out of your NatHERS rating.

Rob McLeod Sustainable Housing Advocate from Renew will also join us to introduce the campaign that Renew will be running to ensure that the proposed long overdue changes to the NCC to improve the energy efficiency of housing are introduced and to join in the discussion.

Talk will start at 7:00 pm

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