The Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference will be held in Sydney mid December this year. Three papers to be presented there by Exemplary Energy will be presented to Renew in advance. The Bureau of Meteorology recently introduced a real-time solar data service allowing expansion of Real-Time Year (RTY) data sets for over 200 locations and Exemplary Weather and Energy (EWE) index initially for all 8 capital cities. RTY is the weather data for the immediate past 12 months. The EWE index is a monthly service that compares building and PV system performance under RTY (actual) weather with long-term typical and 2050 projected climate conditions. Hourly precipitation is being added to all Australian weather and climate data sets. Precipitation (mostly rainfall) has traditionally been recorded daily and was only recently transitioned to automated hourly or 1-minutely recording. Correlative distribution of this daily precipitation data to synthesised hourly data will allow better energy performance modelling and accurate prediction of condensation issues, ensuring a healthy building atmosphere and durability. Producing eXtreme Meteorological Year (XMY) data sets for solar applications in all locations allows risk analysis and defining design limits. Statistically these XMYs correspond to P01, P10, P90 and P99 synthetic solar years that are expected to be exceeded 1%, 10%, 90%, and 99% of the cases in a climate period. 


Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee, Diretor (Buildings) Exemplary Energy, co-author of the Australian Solar Radiaton Data Handbook and specialist in developing improved weather and climate data for building and renewable energy system simulation by practitioners and researchers.

Naman Jain

Naman Jain, Chithral Kodagoda and Nihal Hammed are all recent graduates of the ANU’s Master of Engineering course and worked as interns with Exemplary Energy during their studies and ongoing. 


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