Brick is one of the most popular wall construction materials for homes. It has poor insulation properties and a high carbon footprint that makes it unattractive from an environmental perspective. It is slow to construct and difficult to make air tight. Its dominance of the market has been partly historic and partly low cost. In this seminar, a panel of speakers will explore 4 alternative methods of wall construction.

Come along to Home Base at Subiaco to hear about alternatives to brick when building a new home:

1) Isolated Mass

2) Hempcrete Blocks

3) SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

4) AAC ( Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)


Griff Morris

A strong believer in thinking globally and acting locally, Griff’s interest in the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants is expressed through his leading-edge design principles and makes him one of the industry’s leading authorities on sustainable passive solar design.

Many of the homes he has been instrumental in creating since 1991 have received industry awards for their design and functionality.

Ramon Granados

Over 30 years experience in  Engineering and Construction, more recently with Hemp Engineering, which specializes in build-to-suit self-sustainable and self-sufficient communities using Industrial Hemp as the raw material.

Fraser Stewart

Fraser has 16 years experience with SIPS, working with SIPS Industries UK, a family owned and run business in Scotland.

This has awarded Fraser with extensive experience in all facets of SIPs, from design, engineering, construction drawings, estimation, factory fabrication, through to onsite installation. Fraser relocated from the UK with his family in 2009 and is co-owner and Director of SIPS Industries in Australia.

Damien Madden

Damien joined SIPS in 2011 with 12 years first-hand experience in the construction industry in the areas of design management, architectural drafting and construction management,

Gathering extensive experience in residential timber frame and SIP construction. His primary role is to manage the interpretation of architectural and engineering drawings to re-design into BIM 3D models specifically suitable for SIPs construction, which are the basis for 2D drawings of each wall, roof or floor panes required.

Bruno Staltari

Bruno has been involved in the WA construction industry for the past 40 years and during the early 2000’s through Aerostone became the distributor and installer of Hebel construction panels in WA. These panels provide a masonry finish but at  a quarter of the time to construct compared to brick.

Aerostone has developed a process that shapes Hebel raw material into decorative external mouldings and construction solutions, through lightweight construction but with a full masonry finish Twin Panel system™.