Join us for an interactive presentation where we’ll use the Snapshot tool to profile the Gold Coasts green house gas emissions and then discuss how we might use this information for greater emissions reductions locally. After the presentation please stay to continue the discussion and meet with the members of the new Renew Gold Coast Branch. The Snapshot Climate tool provides a snapshot of the CO2 emissions profiles of Australian municipalities, electorates and states.

Renew has been a contributor to the Snapshot tool through it’s input and third party review of the tool.


Duncan Redden 

Duncan has a Master’s of Sustainable Energy and Development and is interested in projects that offer scalable and meaningful decarbonisation pathways.

Judy McLennan 

Judy has a keen interest in how to reduce CO2 emissions locally and is active volunteer in the Gold Coast Climate community. 


  • There is a venue capacity of 60 people.
  • There are a number of free tickets to the event for those with financial hardship.
  • Renew depends on the generosity of our community to continue its valuable work. We would welcome your donation here: or via the additional donation option when choosing your ticket.
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