Help us lift the standard of homes

Energy Ministers from around Australia will be at the COAG meeting on December 19 to decide whether to recommend higher energy performance standards for all new and existing Australian homes.

They will be considering an increase in the current 6-Star standard for new homes in the National Construction Code. Since the standard was introduced in 2010 the case for more efficient homes has only become stronger: energy prices have risen sharply, the imperative to reduce greenhouse emissions is more urgent and the health benefits particularly for vulnerable households have only become clearer.

Renew is working with the Australian Council for Social Service, Energy Consumers Australia and a diverse range of consumer, social sector and environment groups to send a clear message to Ministers that we can’t afford to delay any longer. But we need your help to make our case stronger.

Email your Energy Minister to ask them to commit to higher energy performance standards for Australian homes. Click here for a suggested email as well as a list of Ministers in all states and territories.