Choice solar survey reveals PV ownership facts

solar finance

A recently-released Choice survey report (based on 700 members around Australia) has uncovered the following interesting facts about solar PV ownership in Australia:

• on average, owners paid just under $9000 for their system (after discounts and STCs/ RECs), and 15% reported that their system had paid for itself, on average, within 3 years and 2 months
• most systems were below 3 kW, but there has been an increase in ownership of larger systems, with 50% of installations in the last year being over 4.1 kW
• owners of German-manufactured panels and inverters reported fewer issues and greater satisfaction than owners of Chinese manufactured components; however, overall, the average satisfaction rate for both was high, at 84%, and Chinese systems were cheaper
• 25% of owners reported having had problems with their system, with the most common being with the inverter (10% have had to replace theirs)
• a third of owners reported having had issues with their installer, with Origin—the most popular installer—receiving the lowest satisfaction rating.

Read the full report on the Choice solar survey:

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