Who needs fossil fuels? Tricks and traps of solar car design


In part 3 of our series on the SolarX car design, Swinburne University’s Clint Steele talks to product design engineer Davis Tolley about the challenges and the refinements made so far.

Over the past months, much work has gone into refining the body of the SolarX sports car. In fact, it could be argued that it has been much more than refining. Some dead ends have been encountered and the car now looks very different to what we showed you in previous issues.

So, in this third instalment, we talk with one of the engineers involved in the car’s design. Davis Tolley is a product design engineer, a discipline that combines mechanical engineering with industrial design. Such engineers, with an ability to make products that perform and look good, are ideal for this challenging task.

Davis has been on the team for over a year now and has proven his ability when it comes to designing highly refined engineering systems that still need to capture hearts and minds. I asked Davis about the challenges faced and what he can share with other EV enthusiasts interested in solar.

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