The Australian electric vehicle market


Bryce Gaton explores what’s available now and what may be added soon to the Australian electric vehicle offerings.

Around the world, electric vehicles are moving beyond the realm of frustrated early adopters building their own to showroom doorstoppers providing viable alternatives to the fossil (fuelled) vehicle. With products coming out of most of the major manufacturers’ factories, there are now almost too many options for the would-be electric vehicle buyer to select from!

Unless, that is, you live in Australia…so why are we waiting?

What’s available overseas

There are so many electric vehicle options available overseas that it’s necessary to list them by vehicle segment rather than by manufacturer. Table 1 (in ReNew 131) shows a selection of electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models that are currently available around the world (with the exception of the Tesla Model X which is expected to be released this year). They’re grouped by Euro NCAP segment, a designation that defines the type of vehicle, such as mini, compact, mid-size, etc.

Australian EV/PHEV offerings

The bold vehicle names in Table 1 are those currently on offer, or able to be bought secondhand, here in Australia in 2015. It’s a bit sad really, given the plethora of offerings elsewhere. However, combining this data with Table 2, we can see that five of the world’s six top-selling EV/PHEVs are available here, with the sixth offering in Australia (the i-MiEV) still in the world top 20. So at least it can be said that Australia does get the top EV/PHEV offerings. On the other hand, the EV/PHEV sales figures for Australia (in Table 3) are far less encouraging.

With such low EV and PHEV sales in 2014 in Australia, it is not at all surprising that the major vehicle manufacturers are seemingly uninterested in bringing additional models to split the market further.

It could also be argued that the manufacturers have done very little to promote EVs in Australia; however, that appears to be changing in 2015. With recent advertising campaigns for the Leaf, Outlander PHEV and BMW i3, as well as some canny marketing by Tesla, this year may see a surprising result for EV sales in Australia.

Read the full article in ReNew 131.

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