Product profile: Turn it off at the wall—the easy way!


The ecoswitch allows you to switch appliances on and off without climbing under desks or behind furniture. It consists of a Y-lead that plugs into a powerpoint. One end has a power socket while the other has a rocker switch. Operating the switch turns power on and off to the socket. By placing the switch in a convenient location you can control power to a device or group of devices (such as your entertainment system).

Unlike other units on the market, the ecoswitch doesn’t use relays, just a big power switch, so there’s far less likelihood of the ‘sticky contact’ problem we’ve seen with relay-based devices, where you turn the device off but it stays on because the relay contacts have welded themselves together.

The ecoswitch also features a light in the switch to remind you that the power is still on, a hanging loop on the switch so it can be easily mounted on walls or the sides of cabinets, and there’s even a space to label what each switch is for.

RRP: $19.95.
Available from Carbon Reduction Industries, PO Box 79, Marysville VIC 3779,, Also available from the ATA webshop,

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