Product profile: Portable solar generators


When most people think of portable power supplies, they think of a genset. But gensets require maintenance and fuel, and are quite polluting, especially when run at low loads, as most are for a large percentage of their runtime.

Ecoboxx provide a great alternative with their portable solar power systems. Just set up the panel, connect it to the main Ecoboxx unit and you are done.

There are three models—the 160, 600 (to be released in August) and the 1500. They feature 100, 600 and 1500 watt inverters respectively, with the two larger models having sinewave outputs. Storage capacities are 13 Ah and 45 Ah at 12 V for the 160 and 600 respectively using sealed AGM batteries. The Ecoboxx 1500 can use batteries from 100 Ah to 300 Ah, but it is supplied without a battery as standard. To make the most of the solar panels, the Ecoboxx 1500 also features a MPPT solar charge controller.

The solar panels for each unit are rated at 20, 80 and 130 watts respectively (the 1500 can handle up to 300 watts in total) and each Ecoboxx comes with a 3W LED bulb and lead set, and an AC charger, for when you need to charge the unit from mains power.

RRP: $299 for the Ecoboxx 160 and $1299 for the Ecoboxx 1500. The 600 will be priced around $800 when released. For more information and to find your closest dealer, contact Ecoboxx, ph: (02) 9724 3344,

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