Product profile: new grid-interactive inverter range


It seems that there’s a vast range of grid-interactive inverters to choose from nowadays, and that range just increased with the P series inverters from SolarMax.

The range consists of five new models—2000P, 3000P, 4000P, 4600P and 5000P, all of which have a 120 to 600 VDC input voltage range. The transformerless inverters have been optimised to deliver maximum energy efficiencies of up to 98%. The three largest models have dual maximum power point tracking inputs that can be operated in either dual or single tracker mode, making the inverters suitable for split solar arrays with different orientations.

The inverters use passive cooling, so there are no fans to worry about, and owners can monitor the performance of their PV system using the web- and app-based application MaxView by simply connecting the inverter to any standard internet router using an ethernet interface.

All SolarMax P series inverters are battery ready and may be upgraded at a later stage with the addition of the P-Battery upgrade kit. This offers owners the ability to incorporate storage systems without the need to replace the inverter itself.

RRP: POA. For more information contact Sputnik Engineering Australia & NZ, Level 13/Office 1329, 167 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, ph: (02) 8667 3168,,