Product profile: Heat exchange SHW systems


Because the potable water is stored directly in the main tank, most solar hot water systems have to be regularly boosted to high temperatures to eliminate any possible legionella threat. This wastes energy and can mean that, in cooler climes, you have a solar-boosted electric system rather than electric-boosted solar.

Red Circle Solar’s range of evacuated tube solar water heaters use open-vented (unpressurised) storage tanks with a copper heat exchange coil inside. This enables mains-pressure potable water to be heated as it passes through the heat exchange coil without any possibility of legionella contamination, eliminating the need for regular boosting.

The systems come with 200 or 250 litre stainless steel tanks and 24 or 30 evacuated tubes respectively. Being close-coupled systems, they work on thermosiphon, so there are no pumps required, simplifying the system and reducing costs and maintenance.

The systems can be connected to a wood heater for backup, but also have a 2.4 kW electric booster element should it be needed. Warranties are 10 years on tank, manifold, evacuated tubes and frame and two years on all electronic components and float valves.

RRP: $1749 for the 200 litre model, $1999 for the 250 litre unit, plus delivery. For more information, contact Red Circle Solar, Victoria,,

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