Product profile: Get the best from your fuel guzzler


If you can’t afford an electric vehicle yet, you can still reduce the emissions from your fuel-burning vehicle to make the most of the fuel you use, while saving yourself some money in the process.

The GOFAR is a datalogger that plugs into the computer port on most newer cars and records fuel consumption, distance travelled, speed, acceleration and deceleration and a number of other parameters to let you know when you are driving most efficiently. The data is stored in the cloud (no ongoing fees) and you can access it using a phone app, which will tell you not only fuel consumption, but kilometres travelled and when (ideal if you have to log travel for work), when you need to check tyre pressure, when the next service is due and when you have to pay your rego.

But the cool thing about the GOFAR is the little dash-mounted LED display that tells you in real time when you are wasting fuel. When the LEDs are blue, you are driving well, but when they go red you are accelerating or braking too heavily. By watching the colours you can improve your driving and save considerable fuel and greenhouse emissions (and money!)

RRP: $99 for the datalogger dongle or $129 for dongle and display. A pack of three dongle/display sets is $297. For more information and to buy, contact GOFAR, ph: 0484 904 986,,

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