Product profile: Certified electric scooter


Weve seen a few electric scooters aimed at the daily commuter, and the latest in the pack is the Taiwanese-made SWAP SW2, available through Spruce Electric. The SW2 has been designed specifically for the Australian market and has passed testing to ensure compliance with all relevant Australian Design Rules.

The scooter features a 3.6 kW brushless DC motor coupled to a continuously variable transmission, all powered by a removable 48 V, 45 Ah LiFePO4 or lithium ion battery. Maximum speed is limited to 50 km/h (as it is classed as a scooter), acceleration is quite good, reaching 30 km/h in 3 seconds, and the scooter can handle inclines of around 23 degrees. Brakes are hydraulic disk (front) and drum (rear).

Real-world range is said to be up to 70 km, depending on rider’s weight, riding style and road conditions, and the scooter can handle payloads of up to 150 kg. Scooter weight is 120 kg and it measures 1812 x 850 x 1050 mm.

RRP: $4490 inc GST. Available from Spruce Electric, 25 Vineys Lane, Dural NSW 2158, ph: (02) 8007 4787,,