Product profile: AC batteries finally available


We looked at the AC battery system from Enphase some time back; it has been a while actually coming to market, but should be available in Australia and New Zealand by the middle of 2016.

What’s an AC battery? Basically it’s a regular DC battery in a case with a battery charger and a small grid-interactive inverter that allows you to simply plug it into your mains wirings to add battery storage to existing solar energy systems for load shifting and the like.

The Enphase AC Battery is a modular 1.2 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery based unit with a rated round trip efficiency of 96% and a maximum depth of discharge of over 95%. Peak output power is 270 VA per unit, so for larger loads you would need a number of batteries, but being a modular system, you just install as many units as are required for the energy storage and/or power output required.

The AC Battery is combined with the Enphase Envoy data gateway and apps for your favourite mobile device to allow control and monitoring of the batteries. If you have an existing Enphase microinverter solar system then the Envoy may already be installed.

RRP: TBA. For more information, contact Enphase Energy, ph: (03) 8669 1679 or go to

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