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Root simple

Lance Turner’s regular ReNew column on useful websites

Root Simple

For many people, modern life is very complex and busy, and one of the casualties of this is the skill of being ab­­le to DIY.
There are many websites aimed at the DIY crowd but most seem to be quite technology oriented—but not everything needs a high-tech solution!

Root Simple takes a more back-to-basics approach. The main area of the site is the blog section which contains dozens of DIY suggestions and projects, many of them simple and designed to reuse ordinary materials that are often thought of as waste.

For example, there’s lots of information on gardening, some great examples of simple but effective gardening techniques, and info on things you can eat that you might not have realised were edible—oxalis salad anyone?

In the food section there are some great recipes and in the ‘domesticus’ category there’s all sorts of interesting DIY stuff, such as home-made cleaners and fabric dyes, remedies and the like.

If you feel like you need to brush up on your basic household DIY skills, this is a good place to start.

Science Alert

While most science news websites are US or Europe-centric, Science Alert focuses on science being done in Australia and New Zealand.

As you might expect, the site covers science news from all areas, but, with climate science being so important nowadays, there’s a lot of climate-oriented science news here. Even in the other categories, such as life, health and technology, many of the news items pertain to planet sciences, as so many issues affect modern society and our general quality of life in some way.

From printing solar cells, developing better crops, the impact of introduced species and looking at the history of global warming, there’s lots of interesting snippets written at general reading level—the articles are not full of tech talk and obscure references like some science news sites.

There’s not just news reporting either; the site also features opinion pieces on many subjects, and there’s even a job finding category, although it’s not as well populated as it could be, with only 114 jobs listed when we checked.

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The Alternative Technology Association has rebranded as Renew!

Very soon, we will be launching our new Renew organisation website at this address,, full of latest news and useful information on sustainable living.

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