Browser – issue 122


Lance Turner’s regular ReNew column on useful websites

Map of Life

Earth is host to an enormous number of species of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, but do you know which animals live where? What critters are you likely to find if you explore the local parklands or even your own garden?

Map of Life is exactly what it says: an interactive map that tells you the animal life found in your area.

There’s not a lot to using the map—just select the zone radius and the type of animal you’re looking for, then zoom in and click where you live on the map (it uses Google maps and so works in the same way). The website presents you with a list of the creatures that live in your area, or you can opt to view tiled thumbnail images instead. Click any critter’s name or image and you will be taken to the wikipedia entry or another information page for that animal.

Cars of change

Like it or not, cars are a part of modern day life; until we radically reorganise our cities to be more walking and bike friendly, the majority of people will own a car. So it makes sense to make those cars as eco-friendly as possible.

We’ve looked at a few sites dedicated to the latest in eco-cars, the electric vehicle, but Cars of Change takes a slightly different tack—it examines not only EVs, but other technologies such as biofuel vehicles, hybrids and ultra-efficient internal combustion engine vehicles.

It includes a collection of articles on current and emerging vehicle technologies, and how those technologies affect our modern lifestyles. You can browse through the complete list of features, or check out the Perspective category, a collection of reviews and opinion pieces. Plus there’s a News category as well.

There’s the usual advertising (someone has to pay for the website) and you can also subscribe to the printed magazine Green Car Journal, whose editors run the website.

Renew-logo-white-on-blue 534px

The Alternative Technology Association has rebranded as Renew!

Very soon, we will be launching our new Renew organisation website at this address,, full of latest news and useful information on sustainable living.

In the meantime, please choose where you’d like to go:

 Simply close this box for the Renew magazine website

Click here for the Renew/ATA organisation website