Browser – issue 121


Lance Turner’s regular ReNew column on useful websites

Electric cars are for girls

Touted as a ‘mostly painless guide to electric vehicles and conversions’, this website is dedicated to explaining everything about electric vehicles including politics, conversions, batteries and even electric drag racing.

The site consists of a blog, with posts about all sorts of stuff EV related, as well as a number of fixed pages that cover various topics. The categories listed down the left-hand side include areas such as EV advantages, electric car history and the like.

There’s a section about building your own EV, otherwise known as an EV conversion. The key questions, such as motor sizing and what batteries to use, are answered. The pages on the various components should cover the basic questions most people will have about what makes an EV go.

Dotted throughout the site are useful videos, with EV experts talking on a range of EV-related subjects.

The whole site has a very conversational style. While not the most extensive EV resource out there, it is a great place to get news, inspiration, ideas and opinions about EVs, including EV advocacy, without being bamboozled by technical jargon.

Like most EV websites out there, this one is hosted in the USA and so is fairly US-centric, but most of what applies there also applies here.
One exception is the topic of neighbourhood electric vehicles (NEVs)—these are low-speed vehicles designed for use only in local neighbourhoods and so exempted from crash testing standards. Australia is yet to have an NEV vehicle class, or towns and cities where they can be safely used.

Earth Techling

There are quite a few techie websites out there, and many look at green technology on and off, but Earth Techling is green technology oriented, so there’s plenty to keep the green techie interested.

Earth Techling is a commercial online publication and includes some ‘sponsored’ articles (a nice way of saying advertorial). But despite this, there’s some interesting stuff to be found on the site.

Like many sites such as gizmag and treehugger, Earth Techling has a news section, an ever-growing list of posts on all manner of topics, from biofuels, solar technologies, electric vehicles and other greener transport options, to recycling and many other subjects.

The features section includes sub-categories such as how-tos, buying guides, interviews, previews (mostly of possible upcoming tech advances) and columns, many of which are cross-posts from other sites.

The green events section is a little sparse and is mostly US-oriented anyway, but it is interesting to see what’s happening around the world.

On the right of the site there’s a topic channel list; clicking on a topic will bring up the most relevant posts and articles without having to search.

Of course, there’s also the usual Facebook and twitter feeds—what site would be complete without those!

Earth Techling may be a commercial online publication, but it is worth checking out.

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The Alternative Technology Association has rebranded as Renew!

Very soon, we will be launching our new Renew organisation website at this address,, full of latest news and useful information on sustainable living.

In the meantime, please choose where you’d like to go:

 Simply close this box for the Renew magazine website

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