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Lance Turner’s regular ReNew column on useful websites

Future Sparks

Future Sparks is a Green Cross Australia project aimed at providing teachers and students with information about climate change, what we need to do to adapt to it and how to make changes in our lives to help prevent it.

The site encourages students to ‘get their thinking caps on’ and come up with ideas and solutions to help the planet—and make videos of their ideas so that others can benefit.

The site also touches on social problems, such as wealth and energy inequality. It explains how we currently use energy, what clean energy is and how we can move towards a clean energy future rather then the status quo of fossil fuel use.

The site details why and how the climate is changing, with links to resources from CSIRO and elsewhere.

There are numerous videos that help get the message across in a simple, clear and concise way. Maybe all the climate change deniers need to have a look.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a child-oriented site without some form of interactive competition, and kids can enter their ideas either as videos or just by writing them down—you don’t need to be a budding Steven Spielberg to enter! There are plenty of online resources to help entrants make the best entry they can.

Lastly, there’s an area designed for teachers, where interested teachers can have a chat with an expert, access a list of resources including lesson plans and many fact sheets, and learn how they can host a community show-and-tell event for showcasing students’ ideas.

If you are a teacher or a student interested in environmental issues in education, this is a good site to check out.


Greenluv is a green-oriented lifestyle website aimed at supporting and promoting the creative people of the world who do their thing in a green manner.

To quote the site: “We’re into good design, delicious-n-nutritious food, and inspiring art, but we feel like all of these things become way more interesting when crafted in a environmentally and socially responsible way.”

We couldn’t agree more, so recommend that anyone with a green leaning (and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have one) check out this site for some great creative ideas and products.
The site appears quite new, with fewer posts and articles than you would expect from an established site, but we expect this will change as the site grows and matures, as all such websites have done over the years.

The main categories are design, food, fashion, home, DIY and arts. There’s also a Giveaways area where you can go into the running to get a freebie just by leaving a comment.

There are some really impressive projects on the site, such as furniture made from old guardrails from the Golden Gate bridge, a DIY cork trivet and some cool DIY lampshades made from bamboo. Many of the posts are very brief, with links back to the more detailed original source websites, which makes a lot of sense as there’s no point duplicating other websites’ posts word-for-word.

While this site probably won’t appeal to the more techie DIYers out there, if you have an arts and crafts leaning and like great looking projects and products with a green bent, then this is a good site to drop by.

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The Alternative Technology Association has rebranded as Renew!

Very soon, we will be launching our new Renew organisation website at this address,, full of latest news and useful information on sustainable living.

In the meantime, please choose where you’d like to go:

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