Small things matter too: Simple reuse DIY projects


In everyday life we are surrounded by materials that are usually thought of as rubbish. But most can be reused for other purposes with a little DIY effort.
By Lance Turner.

We hear a lot about reduce, reuse and recycle and, while most people make an effort with basic recycling, the first two parts—reduce and reuse—are really more important.

Reducing is simply a matter of choices—if a product comes in too much packaging or non-recyclable or environmentally damaging packaging materials (read plastic), then simply look for an alternative that is better packaged.

While it’s great to be able to reduce your waste load by careful shopping, some products are simply not available in anything other than plastic or plastic composite packaging. You can opt to simply not buy the product at all, but a particular product may be a requirement, for example, for health reasons, or it might be required for your job.

Given that most people will end up with at least some packaging that local recyclers don’t take, the best option is to try and reuse the material. This has two advantages—it reuses rather than recycles, and it offsets the purchase of new materials/products that would otherwise be bought for that purpose. It’s not just packaging that can be reused, there are many other sources of useful materials, from pallets to old electronic devices.

So just how can you reuse items that might otherwise seem like they have no use? In most cases, just a small amount of effort and DIY skill is required. On the following pages we present a few ideas that are simple and effective, and quite obvious once you see them.

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