Rubbish free duo return


ReNew’s rubbish free duo are back writes Sarah Dailey, this time with tips on how to do it yourself.

Back in 2008 we chronicled the efforts of a New Zealand couple who managed to go an entire year without producing any more than a few fistfuls of rubbish (see ReNew 103). It was no mean feat and after a frugal year of making their own well, everything, the couple were escalated to expert heights of self-sufficiency.

After 365 long days of growing their own food, baking their own muesli bars, mixing their own toothpaste and generally avoiding everything that comes wrapped in anything not recyclable or compostable, the couple have become rubbish-free enthusiasts to this day.

Lucky for us, Matthew and Waveney have created a personal website to share all their savvy tips on just how they did it, and continue to do it still! If you’re feeling a little guilty about all those disposable water bottles and plastic shopping bags, their website is certainly worth a look-in. has an A – Z index of common household products, and offers handy solutions on how to avoid the packaging associated with them. And they really have thought of everything, from replacements to all that Blu-Tac destined for landfill, to the best places to buy eco-friendly deodorant and even explaining how the most avid potato chip addicts can satisfy their foil-wrapped cravings!

Matthew and Waveney love people asking them tricky questions and handle them with the utmost wit and decorum, even offering rubbish-free solutions for the slightly more fraught with complications areas of contraception and toilet paper. It really makes for an interesting read!

Also on the website is an online store where you can order some nifty things like environmental toothbrushes and biodegradable dental floss. Simple solutions to help all of us achieve a life with less rubbish in it!