Reuse your television competition

TV in grass

What to do with e-waste? ReNew magazine welcomes your big ideas!

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As we prepare to switch to digital television in the next few years, televisions are popping up on nature strips across the country, ready for someone to take them away. Sadly, a lot of these boxes end up in landfill, leaching polluting metals and toxins.

Send us your ideas, realistic or completely mad, for reusing these old idiot boxes. Describe in 100 words or less what an old television can be recycled into for the good of the planet: the main aims are to keep it out of landfill and to be something fun, useful or completely ridiculous. Ideas for what to do with particular parts are welcome too.

Entries close May 1, 2011, so email your ideas now to
Diagrams or photos at high resolution 250 dpi are welcome
The winning entry receives a $200 gift voucher from Enviroshop!

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