Josh’s 10 Star video series


Gardening Australia TV presenter and sustainability expert Josh Byrne has just released the second video series about his 10 Star home, built last year in the suburb of Hilton in Perth.

ReNew featured Josh’s new house and garden in issue 125. Read the article here.

The new video series is part of the open source content on the Josh’s House website, with all the plans, fact sheets, photos and data associated with the build of Josh’s 10 Star home home available for free on the website.

The focus of this series is on the performance of his newly-built high performance home, designed using conventional building materials and construction methods that can be easily replicated by industry and the community.

Episode 13 looks at the impressive stats around the home’s thermal efficiency, electricity use, generation and water use, one year after moving in. Episode 14 looks at the garden, in particular the nature play spaces for kids, with more videos to be released over the coming weeks.

The design and technologies incorporated in Josh’s 10 Star home have resulted in a saving of around $2600 on annual utility bills. Water use has been reduced by a whopping 92% and the house is operationally carbon positive, in that it offsets more carbon than it produces.

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