Q&A: Water pump counter

I wonder if you’ve ever seen something that would measure when and if my greywater system pumps to the header tank, perhaps some kind of tank or pipe flow counter? The system is connected to a drip system and the overflow goes to sewerage so it’s possible that it’s not even working.

Tim Hurley

If you are trying to measure flow volume, there are many sensors for measuring flow, it just depends on the pipe diameter. For example, see those at www.futurlec.com/Flow_Sensor.shtml but there are others made for larger pipes, such as those at www.watermeters.com.au.

If you are wanting to count the number of operations or the running hours, then that depends on the pump voltage, but assuming it is a mains-powered pump, then something like Rockby Electronics (www.rockby.com.au) part number 32442 or 40601 will do those jobs; just power them from a suitable plugpack whenever the pump is turned on. You could also use them for a DC pump with a suitable small DC-DC converter.

Lance Turner