We need minimum standards for rental properties – sign the petition


The ATA has been a member of Environment Victoria’s One Million Homes Alliance for several years. This is a coalition of community services and environmental groups advocating for government policies and programs to encourage improvements in the energy efficiency of existing housing stock in Victoria.

One aspect of this is the thermal performance of rental houses. Rental houses in general have much poorer thermal performance than owner-occupied housing: many have no ceiling insulation, and are very draughty, thanks to poorly fitting doors and windows (and in many cases, holes in the walls) due to poor maintenance. One Million Homes has advocated for minimum quality standards for rental properties that include meeting a basic standard of thermal performance. We have examined the implications of this closely, looking at the many international examples of similar standards, and are confident that any impacts on rent levels or rental supply will be minor and temporary, for a much greater long-term benefit.

Currently the Victorian Government is reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act – the legislation that governs rental housing. Environment Victoria, convenor of One Million Homes, is taking the opportunity to send a petition showing public support for minimum standards to rental properties. The ATA supports this and we encourage you to sign the petition if you also support it.