Top sustainability blogs

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We received a fantastic response to our recent ReNew Blog of the Year Competition. Here is a brief summary of the top entries which gives an insight into what some very inspiring individuals are doing to reduce their carbon footprint.  The blogs lend for great reading, so check them out. By Laura McLeod.

The Greening of Gavin

This is a well structured and visual blog from an individual who has an absolute passion for sharing his sustainability journey and inspiring others. Gavin does this by including videos, podcast interviews on climate change, solar power, his home-built cob oven and his making of cheese and soap

Turkey’s Nest

This blog is an offshoot of Rose and Russell’s small cottage accommodation business with a sustainable philosophy, in the mountains just outside Brisbane. Supplementing the description of their eco-building project, which uses light earth and recycled materials, is promotion of a healthier more sustainable lifestyle through illustrating the joys of handmade and discussing the economics of recycling materials.

Small Steps for Sustainability

This blog is a description of the variety of changes that Clare’s household undertook in order to live more sustainability. The simple, practical and affordable ideas are a means for inspiration and easy to implement. Posts vary from water saving to recycling bottle tops for exciting children’s games.



A hugely informative blog which demonstrates the ability to make the world more sustainable on a limited budget with limited DIY skills, mainly through behavioural change. It encourages us to embrace our inner creative; with posts ranging from the technicalities of PVs to making own apple juice, it gives practical instructions to help in a variety of ways.

A  Green Tasmanian Renovation

As a comprehensive guide to work on a weatherboard house in Tasmania, this blog is enriched by a library of pictures and broken down room by room renovation posts.  It is defined by its vastly informative posts on sustainable or recycled products, solar power and alternative hot water systems to name a few.


Cruickshank Renovation

The product of a Sustainability consultant, this blog specifically focuses on the reality of green initiatives that were discovered as a sustainable renovation was attempted and completed.   It discusses fencing, the difficulty in sourcing eco concrete and the uses of a thermal camera to improve insulation.

Solar Quotes

Containing a wealth of information and video guides, this blog is an analytical source that offers advice on purchasing solar electricity systems and solar power itself. As well as keeping people up to date on solar news and politics, it offers a free no obligation quote service.

Solar Business Services

Providing independent Australian PV industry news, information and commentary this blog distinctly focuses on being objective and unbiased. It features reports, a frequently asked question section and some ‘just for fun’ videos that are wholly entertaining.

Bogie Bush Build

Recording the trials and tribulations of John O’Brien’s building of a strawbale house in the Strathbogie Tabelands, the blog is an honest sharing of progress and hard work onsite.  As well as breaking down the stages, detailed plans demonstrate the great vision and individuality behind the project.

Convenient Solutions

Utilizing charts, diagrams and video clips, this blog promotes ways to produce or save energy but also displays small pieces of climate science in a user-friendly way. Posts are filled with positive news on renewable energy or transport, information on government initiatives and examples of how to reduce carbon emission.


The blog is a way to directly share information on solar energy technologies between scientists and readers.  Aside from its information on large scale topics and detailed project descriptions, it makes solar science fun, interesting and easy to understand for beginners and experts alike.

Little Adelaide Kate

Little Adelaide Kate is centered on creative and ethical living. A humorous and crafty blog that shares Kate’s own experiences and promotes a variety of sustainable living options. It featuring posts on vegetarian cooking, social justice as well as her impending wedding and ability to source an ethical engagement ring.

Green Renters

This blog is the passionate product of a non profit organisation providing sustainability advice specifically for those living in rental accommodation. By creating an online community, the posts are full of tips, enthusiastic tutorials, product reviews and inspiring stories for renters.

Urban Environment News

Urban Environment News assists people in urban and peri-urban areas to readily access the latest environment, sustainability and natural resource management news in one location. With a resource library and a ‘Discover China Section’ it is wholly informative in an interesting way.

Read more about ReNew blog of the year winner Gavin Webber here.