ReNew 137 editorial: Solar and storage, at home and abroad

ReNew Editor, Robyn Deed

IT’S a challenging time for consumers sorting out what’s what in the rapidly evolving world of energy storage. New products are coming onto the market every other day, or at least being announced, so what’s true yesterday may not hold true tomorrow.

That being said, we at ReNew are never ones to shy away from a challenge. We aim to get behind the hype and help with the nitty gritty details you need to make a decision. So this issue we take a look at what you need to consider when going off-grid or installing a hybrid system with grid-connected storage. We look at the battery technologies on the market and the inverters that drive the way such systems are installed. Along with new and cheaper battery systems, inverters are evolving at such a rate that the traditional divisions between off-grid and grid-interactive are breaking down—with new hybrid inverters and control software providing many ways to optimise usage and storage of your solar energy.

Three out of four of our case studies combine off-grid or hybrid systems with an electric vehicle, an encouraging trend, which we also put under the spotlight in an EV market update. Our householders’ stories also show that one of the biggest wins from installing solar+storage is that it really focuses attention on how much energy you use, and when.

One of the owners in a mini-grid trial in Mooroolbark is a case in point: being given monitoring tools and energy efficiency information has already changed their behaviour, only a month or so after their system was installed. And they get to share their energy (and knowledge) with their neighbours. Small-scale energy sharing is a bit of a focus this issue too—just what are the benefits of the mini-grids and virtual power plants that are all over the news just now?

Given all the buzz about energy storage, it’s not surprising that course providers are tipping that’s where skills will be needed. Our renewable energy courses guide is a must-read if you’re considering a career in this area.

On another note, our reader challenges always bring home the engaged community that makes ReNew what it is. In our recent photo competition, we were overwhelmed by the responses, both in number and quality, illustrating the many ways that ReNew readers interact with that somewhat overused word ‘sustainability’: from carefully thought-through transport options to renewable energy systems to communities sharing skills, food and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all the entries in the magazine, but we hope to bring you more in the future.

Two decades on, this issue also brings you the 79th Pears Report, an integral part of ReNew—people often note it’s the first thing they read each issue. For the many fans, we’ve now collected 75 columns into an eBook, with support from RMIT’s sustainability fund, and launching in October. Enjoy!

Robyn Deed
ReNew Editor


ATA CEO’s Report

WHEN I started at the ATA many years ago, one of the first people I was told to meet was Alan Pears. As many of you know, Alan has been a leading light in energy efficiency and climate change policy over many years.

Currently a Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University, Alan has been an important contributor to the development of Australia’s sustainable energy and energy efficiency policies, programs and projects since the late 1970s, and a passionate climate response advocate since the late 80s.

His expertise is regularly called upon by governments and agencies, businesses, community organisations and the media; variously as consultant, mentor, award judge, advisor, reviewer and commentator. His achievements in this arena have been acknowledged with numerous industry awards and, in 2009, with his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia.

We are very excited at the ATA to be launching The Pears Report eCollection: Reflections on Two Decades of Energy and Climate Policy in Australia—75 Articles from ReNew Magazine, 1997–2016 at the All Energy Expo in October. The collection brings together the detailed, accurate and thoughtful insights from The Pears Report columns in ReNew, along with a new and substantial series of articles by Alan discussing the major topics and themes.

Alan has been a great mentor and advisor to many of us, generous with providing his time and expertise especially to not-for-profit organisations like the ATA. We are proud to be able to acknowledge Alan’s invaluable contribution to energy market reform and a better Australia.

Donna Luckman

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