Stay smart with the grey stuff


As we head into summer water is worth saving more than ever. Anjali Brown surveyed Alternative Technology Association members about their own domestic greywater systems. Here’s what you need to know.

The average house produces around 83,000 litres of greywater a year. Some Australian households have found ways to reuse this otherwise wasted resource, either with DIY nous or commercially available greywater systems. With commercial systems growing in popularity, the time was right for the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to survey its members about their own experience with these systems.

ATA members who had purchased a manufactured, commercially available greywater system were invited to complete the survey in May.

Of those surveyed, 80% had bought diversion systems most of which came with some form of filtration device (to remove particles such as hair and lint), a mains diverter, a surge tank and in some cases a pump. These elements differentiate these diversion systems from a simple hose out the laundry window or a good old-fashioned bucket. While untreated greywater from these diversion systems can be used to flush toilets, it is most commonly used for garden irrigation.

The remaining 20% of respondents had purchased treatment systems which involve a high level treatment of greywater via biological or chemical processes (sometimes both). The treated greywater can be stored for more than 24 hours without becoming a health hazard and it can be used for non-potable indoor water needs as well as on the garden.

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