Solar hot water for small spaces


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Most evacuated tube solar hot water collectors use tubes at least 1700mm long. For installations where there isn’t much roof vertical space or where the panel needs to thermosyphon to a tank mounted low in the roof cavity, standard tubes are too long.

The Solarvox SVM30-58/850 and SVM35-58/850 systems consists of 30 or 35 evacuated tubes respectively. Each tube measures 58mm diameter and is just 850mm long. This results in a collector that is short but wide, making for a more flexible range of installation options.

The Solarvox systems can be mounted on balconies and even above windows, taking the place of eaves or awnings, so the collector can double as both hot water system and sunshade.

The collectors are suitable for thermosyphon as well as pumped systems and a complete 30 tube collector weighs 55kg. The tubes have passed a 25mm hail test and the collectors are designed to continue to collect heat even when missing some tubes.

RRP: $1080 for the 30 tube collector, $1280 for the 35 tube. Delivery is available, but pickup from Fairfield, VIC, is recommended.

For more information contact Solarvox, ph: 0417 591 463,,