DIY floor heating, and it’s solar!


A heated floor can be just the tonic in winter. Per-Steinar Jacobsen shows how he installed his own solar hydronic floor heating.

I have long been an advocate of renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power. In the mid seventies I built a house in Hahndorf, South Australia, where I installed underfloor heating, radiators and a central heating boiler. I made provision to connect solar panels to the boiler when I had the money to do so.

Renewable energy is just as important with the house that my wife and I are currently building in Port Germein. However, the renewable energy features have been installed from the very beginning, including the solar hydronic underfloor heating. Here’s how I did it myself.

To start off, I searched the internet for evacuated tube solar collectors. I found some in America which were reasonably priced; interestingly they were used for space heating as well as for hot water. I investigated transportation costs to reflect the true cost of buying from overseas.

In the end I decided to buy them locally from Sunplus CPC Solar in Victoria. I purchased a retrofit (conversion) kit containing four 12-tube collectors. With this kit came three pumps, two temperature pump controllers and some plumbing hardware. This was the easy part, now I had to decide on storage tanks.

Again I searched the internet for suitable hot water tanks. A local hardware store had some 315 litre tanks in stock. I took the model number, rang the factory in Sydney and asked whether it had internal heat exchanger coils. The answer was ‘yes, all our tanks have internal coils,’ so I bought this $1,000 tank, only to find out later that there were no internal coils in this tank. So much for correct information from the manufacturers!

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