Product profile: Go plastic-free

Biome plastic free

With the world slowly waking up to the environmental disaster that is petroleum-based plastics, more non-plastic options for all kinds of common household items are becoming more readily available.

Biome, one of Australia’s original eco-stores, has an entire section dedicated purely to alternative, long-lasting products that are completely plastic-free.

Products include glass, stainless steel and bamboo drinking straws; glass and stainless steel kitchen containers, jars and utensils; bamboo and wood toothbrushes, hair and scrubbing brushes; stainless steel and wood clothes pegs; fabric/beeswax reusable food wrap sheets; natural fibre baskets and bags; unwrapped or paper-wrapped personal care products; wood and bamboo toys; stainless steel and glass water bottles and coffee cups; the Solidteknics range of cookware; even organic and biodegradable hair scrunchies—the list is huge, with almost 600 plastic-free products.

While many of the products will cost more than their plastic equivalents from the local supermarket, they are free from petrochemicals and are either environmentally benign or biodegradable.

For more information and to buy, contact Biome, ph: 1300 301 767,,

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