Going solar big time and fast


The shift to 100% renewable energy by 2020 could be a reality according to a new report, writes Fiona Armstrong.

If the politicians are to be believed, switching to clean and renewable energy in Australia is something that will take decades. We currently don’t have any major incentives for industries to make a transition away from fossil fuels, and only minor policies are so far in place to encourage fuel switching.

But is it all as hard as the coal and oil lobbyists and parliamentarians would have us believe? What about our abundant solar and wind resources in Australia? How fast can they be developed?

Pretty quickly, according to a new report from Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and Melbourne University’s Energy Institute. In fact, it is possible for Australia to make a transition to 100% renewable energy in Australia in just ten years.

Launched in August the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Plan (ZCA2020) has attracted some serious attention. Endorsements range from the International Energy Agency to former Chief Scientist Robin Batterham and Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty.

Beyond Zero Emissions Director Matthew Wright says the endorsements reveal the unique nature of the report and the failure of governments to undertake vital planning on Australia’s inevitable transition to a renewable energy supply system.

“The overwhelming support for this plan from industry and experts is due to its science-based approach and the fact that it is not about half measures. It is about directly addressing the problem which is that a rapid transition to a zero carbon economy is needed if we are to avoid further and even more dangerous climate change,” said Mr Wright.

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