Climate Change White Paper Positions Victoria as a Strong Leader On Climate Change

Monday, July 26

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) applauded the Victorian Government’s release of  its Climate Change White Paper today.

“This White Paper sets a new climate change policy and action benchmark for Governments in this country,” said the ATA’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Porter.

“The combination of a broad coverage of all emitting sectors, the depth of the regulatory and fiscal tools used, and the strength of the emissions target, make this announcement stand out amongst climate change policies in Australia.”

The ATA was particularly pleased to see a firm and legislated target for emissions.

“Given that we’ve had trouble getting a commitment to a 5% target federally, the Victorian Government’s commitment to a 20% reduction by 2020 is a very pleasing step.”

“Coupled to measures in the White Paper such as the strong energy efficiency target through the doubled Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) program and the 5% solar target beyond the national Renewable Energy Target (RET), we’ve got some very serious emissions reductions being locked in.”

“The White Paper sets a target which would be 34 Megatonnes below business as usual by 2020, supported by a strong Climate Change Bill,” Mr Porter added.

Policies on renewable energy and energy efficiency were also particularly pleasing.

“Energy efficiency remains a crucial policy direction often underutilised by governments, but the Victorian Government is exploring some very strong commitments here such as the retrofitting of existing homes to an average five star standard.

If done effectively this will deliver substantial social outcomes, such as reduced electricity bills and better standard of housing, as well as reducing emissions. And this need not be expensive, as ATA members have demonstrated for thirty years.”

Taking a national perspective, the ATA sees the Victorian Government’s approach as one which should be followed and hopefully exceeded by other states and territories.

“We would love to see other Governments emulating this approach – strong emissions reduction targets, a feed-in tariff for large scale solar, mandated energy efficiency targets and an aggressive program of building retrofits,” said ATA’s CEO Ian Porter.

“With a lack of action from the Australian Parliament it is time again for the states and territories to lead.”

“Above all, we need Governments to work with communities to help people make change.There is consensus around the need for climate action, and people need to see a strong direction, firm targets and serious commitment from Governments – as we’ve seen today from the Victorian Government.”

“In the long run we will need to make even deeper cuts, but this is a huge step towards that future.”

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