A plan for a green future


The Alternative Technology Association has produced a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to address climate change. Here’s to a low carbon future.

Most ReNew readers would probably welcome more government assistance to do their bit for the environment. Rebates are always a good incentive, as are feed-in tariffs for grid-connected solar households. From working with its active member base, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has made a list of  what can be done to address climate change at a government level, with a strong focus on empowering households.

The recommendations were initially prepared for the Victorian Government Climate Change Green Paper, however, a copy has been sent to all state and territory leaders.

The Green Paper outlines the state’s role in complementing a national Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, describes how Victoria can take advantage of a low carbon economy and also proposes ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The next step will be the Climate Change White Paper, a result of all the information and ideas put forward during the public consultation process. This charts the way forward for the next decade and beyond.

The ATA’s submission made 16 recommendations based on research, consultation with other NGOs and, most importantly, the experience of members and supporters in working towards sustainability.

The main message is that individuals and communities need help to achieve sustainability and respond to the climate emergency. This conclusion rests on the following three themes, which are explored in separate sections of the submission.

Read the full article in ReNew 110.

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