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Summer reading guide: Ecological DIY projects aplenty

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Sarah Coles, Robyn Deed and Lance Turner review books which are sure to result in tomato trellises, spiced apple crumble cakes, a shift away from fossil fuels, a proliferation of rosellas, a trip to the farmers market and a wee dram of self sufficiency this holiday season.

Renewable Energy Superpower
Authors: Beyond Zero Emissions
Published by Beyond Zero Emissions
RRP $30.00 (


Australia has been a laggard when it comes to emissions reductions, but with the rest of the world coming to the understanding that the future lies away from fossil fuels, we are set to see some far-reaching changes in not only the energy industry, but the traditional big exports such as coal and natural gas. Over the next few decades most countries will shift their energy generation towards renewables. Renewable Energy Superpower looks at what the post-fossil fuel world will be like, where those opportunities lie and how the changing economics of energy generation will affect us all. The gist of this entire shift is summed up in the Executive Summary: “Every day that passes with uncoordinated developmetn of the energy system adds coast and undermines Australia’s future renewable energy advantage.” We need to move now or risk being left behind the rest of the world and becoming an economic and energy backwater.” Renewable Energy Superpower lays out a plan for making this transition, including National Energy Market reform, cessation of investment in the gas network, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and increasing the efficiency of the nation’s appliances. If you want to get a grasp on what the world’s energy markets and systems will look like in the next decade or two, this report is a good place to start.

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