ReNew Photo Challenge winner


From sustainable transport to power systems to forest regeneration, the entries in our photo challenge were inspiring and gorgeous.

It was tough picking a winner among so many excellent entries. In the end, we felt the winner epitomised the spirit of the challenge and of ReNew—a thoughtful combination of action and technology supporting sustainability. Elizabeth Wheeler wins a FLIR thermal camera, kindly donated by Reduction Revolution. Thanks again to all the entries and we hope to use more of these photos in upcoming ReNews!

WINNER: Valuing everyday acts

This is a photo to represent our acts. The way I see it, we can have whizz-bang technologies and buildings, but only by our actions do they actually make a difference. That beautiful double-glazed, highly sealed window on the south side of our house just frames a pretty view; it’s only when I open it that it becomes a passive cooling device and makes a difference to the amount of energy our household consumes. In this image, I wanted to value everyday acts that make a difference. Our shoes are for walking, our GoGet and myki passes are our secondary transport choices, our vegies are from our gardens, our eggs are produced by chooks who subsist mostly on scraps that would otherwise turn into methane, our FairFood invoice represents local food production, and our ATA membership card stands for information and activism. I couldn’t find my FoE membership card, but that should be there too! Of course, they are sitting on a lovely slab of low-embodied energy concrete, which provides the thermal mass to keep our house warmer in winter and cooler in summer! — Elizabeth Wheeler

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